Chis Cornell, in concert.

10.3 But Now It Makes No Sense!

You may be concerned, however, that to create the rhyme we had to destroy the meaning. What in the world is a “supergroup collusion”? And does being “parts of some collusion” really mean the same thing as being “parts of some supergroup”? Is it worth getting a rhyme if it turns the lyrics into something Read more about 10.3 But Now It Makes No Sense![…]

9.3 Stamping Our New Foot on Line 2

But what of line 2? .   ,    .  .  ,   .     .  ,     .    . , . And what do we see here? Surround with illusion? Hmm. Well, that works, technically, but I don’t like the word “illusion” going further into the fourth foot than its first syllable. Perhaps instead we should say: .   ,    .  .  ,   .     .  ,   .   .  , And what do we see here? Surrounded by lies? This would create an interesting link with the word “lies” in the first line, especially since the two words, Read more about 9.3 Stamping Our New Foot on Line 2[…]

Rolling, green, cultivated hills, with mist.

6.2 Finding Inspiration

Let’s talk about some strategies for coming up with something to write about. First, I find it easiest to get motivated to write about things that make me feel scared, angry, worried, or frustrated. So, if you’re looking for something to write about, you might start by asking yourself what you feel scared, angry, worried, Read more about 6.2 Finding Inspiration[…]

Two people put up a stop sign on a snowy slope.