Ep. 9 Notes (“Friends in Low Places,” by Garth Brooks)

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The Song

And here are the lyrics.

Supporting Songs

“Ice Ice Baby,” by Vanilla Ice

“Complicated,” by Avril Lavigne

“Fakin,” by Lacrae, ft. Thi’sl

“Good Life,” by Kanye West, ft. T-Pain [NSFW]

“Shenandoah,” by Buddy Emmons

“Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked,” by Cage the Elephant

“Boys ‘Round Here,” by Blake Shelton

“Plush,” by Stone Temple Pilots

“Beeswax,” by Nirvana [NSFW]

“Your Redneck Past,” by Ben Folds Five

“American Idiot,” by Green Day [NSFW]

“Times Like These,” by Foo Fighters

“Oh Little Town of Bethlehem,” by Frank Sinatra

“Don’t Let Me Get Me,” by P!nk


Information I drew on for this episode can be found at the following links.


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The Billboard Hot Country Songs 70th Anniversary chart.

Philosophical Sources

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The Wikipedia article on postmodernism.

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Featured image by fatherspoon. Provided under a CC Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic license.

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