Ep. 6 Notes (“Another One Bites the Dust,” by Queen)

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The Song

And here are the lyrics.

Supporting Songs and Clips

“Physical,” by Olivia Newton-John

“What If,” by Creed

“Mikado’s Song,” by the Bournemouth Gilbert & Sullivan Society

The Simpsons, “New Kids on the Blecch” (Season 12, ep. 14) clip


I drew on information in this episode that can be found at the following links.


The Wikipedia article for “Another One Bites the Dust.”

Philosophical Sources

The Wikipedia article on the Lex Talionis.

Exodus 21:22-25.

Leviticus 24:19-20.

Deuteronomy 19:16-21.

Book V of Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics.

Matthew 5:38-41.

The Wikipedia article on the James-Lange theory of emotion.

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