Ep. 40 Notes: “Karma Police,” by Radiohead / “Sexy Sadie,” by the Beatles

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The Songs

“Karma Police,” by Radiohead

And here are the lyrics.

“Sexy Sadie,” by the Beatles (a video of the actual song does not exist #copyright)

Supporting Songs

“I’ve Been Good to You,” by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles


Information on which I drew in this episode can be found at the following links.


The Wikipedia article on “Karma Police.”

The Billboard Alternative Songs entry for “Karma Police.”

The Wikipedia article on “Sexie Sadie.”

The Wikipedia article on “The Beatles in India.”

My source for the information that “Sexie Sadie” was not released as a single.

The Wikipedia article on karma.

The Wikipedia article comparing Hinduism and Buddhism.

The Wikipedia article on the self in Buddhism.

Philosophical Sources

Mark Siderits, “Buddha,” Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Christian Coseru, “Mind in Indian Buddhist Philosophy,” Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Gary Hatfield, “Rene Descartes,” Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Charlotte R. Brown, “David Hume,” Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

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Featured image by Andrew Hurley, who provides it under a CC BY-SA 2.0 license.

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