Ep. 28 Notes (“Numb,” by Linkin Park)

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The Song

“Numb,” by Linkin Park

And here are the lyrics.

Supporting Songs

“A Place for My Head,” by Linkin Park

“Alive,” by P.O.D.

“Break Stuff,” by Limp Bizkit

“Bring Me to Life,” by Evanescence

“Click Click Boom,” by Saliva

“Crawling,” by Linkin Park

“Creep,” by Radiohead

“Don’t Let Me Get Me,” by Pink

“Everything Zen,” by Bush

“Faint,” by Linkin Park

“Figure.09,” by Linkin Park

“For You,” by Staind

“Hurt,” by Johnny Cash

“Hurt,” by Nine Inch Nails

“In the End,” by Linkin Park

“Iron Man,” by Black Sabbath

“My December,” by Linkin Park

“One Step Closer,” by Linkin Park

“Papercut,” by Linkin Park

“Points of Authority,” by Linkin Park

“Pushing Me Away,” by Linkin Park

“Runaway,” by Linkin Park

“Screaming Infidelities,” by Dashboard Confessional

“Smoke on the Water,” by Deep Purple

“Somewhere I Belong,” by Linkin Park

“T.N.T.,” by AC/DC

“Walk This Way,” by Run-DMC, ft. Aerosmith

“Walk This Way,” by Aerosmith


This episode draws on information you can find at the following links.


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The Billboard chart history for Linkin Park’s various songs.

Philosophical Sources

The Wikipedia article on the Principle of Non-Contradiction.

Alasdair MacIntyre, After Virtue (the book in which he discusses Greek tragedy).

The Wikipedia article on Alasdair MacIntyre.

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The Wikipedia article on Greek tragedy.

Gregory Salmieri, “Kant vs. White on Conflicts of Duty,” Cato Unbound. (Note: the idea that when you have a contradiction when two duties/obligations that conflict might be resolved if you adopt the idea of “higher” and “lower” duties, or of the possibility that one duty can “trump” or “outweigh” another. Perhaps.)

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Featured image by Kristina Servant, provided under an Attribution 2.0 Generic CC license.

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