Ep. 23 Notes (“When I Come Around,” by Green Day)

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The Song

And here are the lyrics.

Supporting Videos

“With or Without You,” by U2

“Glycerine,” by Bush

“Machinehead,” by Bush

“What’s My Age Again?,” by Blink 182

“Dammit,” by Blink 182

“Canon in D,” by Johann Pachelbel

For some very amusing takes on today’s topic, see the following two videos. (I realized what was up with this chord progression back when I was a teen — because I’m just that good — but I’m glad others see it too. AND these guys give you a TON of other songs with the same chord progression — not all of them from rock bands.)

“Pachelbel Rant,” by Rob Paravonian

“Four Chords,” by Axis of Awesome


Information I drew on for the episode can be found at the following links.


The Wikipedia article on the song.

The transcript of the album’s liner notes.

Philosophical Sources

The Wikipedia article on Plato’s “Divided Line.”

The original passage in Plato’s Republic.

The section on intellectual virtues in Richard Kraut’s article on “Aristotle’s Ethics,” Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

The original passage in Aristotle’s, Nicomachean Ethics.

The account of intuiting (or gaining insight into) universals/forms that I given in this episode is derived from the work of Edmund Husserl, as interpreted by Robert Sokolowski in Husserlian Meditations (the best introduction to Husserlian phenomenology for academic philosophers). See chapter 3, “How to Intuit an Essence.”  (The best introduction to Husserlian phenomenology for non-academics is Sokolowski’s Introduction to Phenomenology.)

How to Write Song Lyrics

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Featured image by Ed Vill. Provided under a CC Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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