Ep. 15: “Beer for My Horses,” by Toby Keith and Willie Nelson

A horse looking dramatic in front of fallen tree limbs.Justice and collective action. (Which of the two types of justice do you focus on? Is it possible for a group to do things?) Notes: https://top40philosophy.com/ep15notes

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Featured image by Gabriela Kucerova

4 thoughts on “Ep. 15: “Beer for My Horses,” by Toby Keith and Willie Nelson

  • On the topic of whose name should go on the cornerstone (I think?) of a building, maybe we can’t ever know that. The building itself is just a collection of different things, much like the group of construction workers who physically put the building together. If groups don’t exist, the building doesn’t really exist either, it’s just a bunch of separate things put together.

    • That is an *excellent* point. I think there’s even a philosopher at Notre Dame who says that non-living constructs like buildings aren’t true wholes. That would be an uncomfortable conclusion to come to, but it may be the only one open to me, given my premises! Alternatively, I might be able to find a way to say that a single thing can be produced by multiple things (perhaps like how each child has two parents?). Something for me to think about!

  • I am surprised and a little disappointed that you asked whether Willie was famous for being famous like the Kardashians or maybe the most photographed barn in America which was clearly famous for being famous. Maybe you were being facetious. Willie has been writing songs since the 50s, long before he adopted his signature look of a long haired old hippie. He wrote “Crazy” when he looked like a “suit” and it was made famous by Patsy Cline. Other famous songs are “Hello Walls”, “Ain’t it funny how time slips away”, “On the road again” and over 300 more. I recognize that your country music knowledge is limited and so l can to some degree understand your question.
    At any rate, I enjoy your podcast. How about an analysis of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”

    • Thanks Frank! Yeah, I surprised myself at how few of Willie Nelsons songs I could actually call to mind. I needs to educate myself!

      Thanks for the Leonard Cohen recommendation too. I’ve added it to my list!

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