Ep. 11 Notes (“Friday I’m in Love,” by the Cure)

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The Song

“Friday I’m in Love,” by the Cure

And here are the lyrics for the song.

Supporting Songs and Videos

“Luv Is a Verb,” by dc Talk

“Canon in D,” by Pachelbel

“Turn! Turn! Turn!,” by the Byrds

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik,” by Mozart

“Quintet in D Major,” by Mozart

“The Cure and J. S. Bach: Masters of Counterpoint”

“2014 Commencement Address,” by Micah Tillman



The Wikipedia article for “Friday I’m in Love.”

The Wikipedia article for jangle pop.

Philosophical Sources

Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics.

Michael Wheeler, “Martin Heidegger,” Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

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Featured image by Paul Padshewscky. Provided under a CC Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic license.

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4 thoughts on “Ep. 11 Notes (“Friday I’m in Love,” by the Cure)

  • Note on harmony: It was a revelation to me in trying to figure out the (Russian) 8 Tones when I realized there essentially is no single melody line in them. You can’t just sing the soprano part by itself and have it sound like a “melody”, it still sounds like a harmony line. You don’t get a full “melody” unless you have all the harmonic parts together. Not sure how that fits into the philosophy talk, but I thought you’d be interested.

  • I’m intrigued! I’d never heard of Orthodox chant of any kind. I know Tchaikovsky and the Red Army Choir, but those are Russian musics of a different stripe. What I’m hearing from the interwebs videos I’m finding is gorgeous. Do you have a favorite recording?

  • Hmm, you know, I don’t know that I have really heard any of the strictly-used tones recorded – we just sing them as the hymns during the liturgy. I’ll have to look around and see if I can find some good examples, or maybe record a couple. Most of what you hear recorded is special hymns or arrangements, which are modified to allow for solos, etc.

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