February 21, 2016


Top 40 Philosophy is a podcast, blog, and e-book series by Micah Tillman, exploring philosophical ideas through popular music. It is living proof that philosophy can be fun and pop music can be deep (even when it’s trying it’s hardest to be shallow).

Each episode of the podcast investigates the philosophical themes at play in a pop, rock, rap, or country song that you either already know, or probably should (given how popular it is, and what a popular person you are). Each blog post either provides show notes for a podcast episode, or provides some other wondrous content for your edification.

Volume 1 of the e-book is a collection of Top 40 Philosophy’s first 41 investigations, back when we were only doing blog posts. And by “we,” I mean, “me.”

Your host is the aforementioned Micah Tillman, a philosophy instructor with a Ph.D. in philosophy from The Catholic University of America (Washington, DC), an M.A. in philosophy from West Chester University of Pennsylvania (West Chester, PA, believe it or not), and a B.A. in computer science from Messiah College (then in Grantham, PA; now in Mechanicsburg, PA; the college didn’t move, but the Grantham post office evidently gave up on trying to handle all the mail and handed the college over to their colleagues in Mechanicsburg).

Micah minored in music as an undergrad, played in a number of bands (including Messiah College’s Symphonic Winds, which is technically a “wind band”), and created the Philosophy of Music course for McDaniel College during the 9.5 years he spent teaching philosophy at DC-area universities.